Airborne Science Platform

Airtec’s BT-67 is a remanufactured Douglas DC-3 with modern turbine engines, updated cockpit avionics and versatile communications equipment that allows our science community access to a low cost, rugged, utilitarian work-horse aircraft capable of flight over 2000 nm or for up to 12 hours. Aircraft payload can be up to fourteen thousand pounds, or up to four thousand pounds with full fuel. The aircraft has large external viewing ports for LIDAR/optical payloads, numerous external radome, air sampling or hardpoint options, and expansive room for internal equipment racks. The aircraft’s electrical system can support mission power capacities of up to 11KW in 28 VDC or various 115 VAC options.  A private cabin lavatory, on board oxygen and air conditioning system make the BT-67 an ideal flying laboratory. Contact us for pricing and equipment options.