Airborne Telemetry

Airtec’s Airborne Telemetry platform provides reliable detection, tracking, relay and recording for a variety of missions and testing scenarios.

Airtec operates a King Air A100 airborne telemetry aircraft employing a 360 degree, dual circularly polarized, belly-mounted auto tracking antenna. The aircraft supports relay and recording of four up-link data sources in the L and/or S bands, and four, real-time, C-band downlink re-transmissions. Three non-pilot crew members are available for in-flight data management and relay. Concurrent flight termination systems (FTS) can be flown with telemetry relay.

As a research, development, testing & evaluation (RDT&E) resource, Airtec provides full project support with accurate mission planning and versatile communications.

Some of our airborne telemetry past performance includes:
– Tomahawk TM relay platform for Eglin AFB and NAWCWD Pt. Mugu

– System for Navy Target Control (SNTC) relay for BQM-74E target drones in support of  NAVAIR Targets

– VX-23 F/A-18 HARM and AMRAAM weapons separation testing

– F-35B weapons separation testing