Maritime Radar Surveillance

Airtec operates three King Air maritime patrol aircraft modified with various radar systems to provide robust, detailed surveillance imagery and small target detection. 

Radar platforms can include but are not limited to: APS-143, RDR-1700B radar with SAR and ISAR modes, AIS, Inertial Navigation System, bubble observation windows, and a proprietary satellite voice/data link system that communicates with a portable COTS-based ground station.

Airtec’s operational radar capabilities include experienced aircrew equipped with industry standard computing, in-flight mapping, screen capture and multi-frequency communication systems.

As a research, testing, development & evaluation (RDT&E) resource, Airtec provides full project support with a versatile radar test platform.

Some of our maritime radar surveillance past performance includes:
– Telephonics Corporation radar test aircraft
– Colombian Navy CASA 235 APS Radar upgrade program
– Peruvian Navy Bell 212 APS Radar upgrade program