Range Safety

Airtec’s range safety services provide clear testing range areas for exercises involving live fire, rocketry or other hazardous events for lengths of up to eight hours.

The range safety methods employed by Airtec safely and efficiently alleviate test range safety concerns, provide mission flexibility and minimize asset loss during multiple range scenarios.

Airtec’s range clearing platform effectively utilizes maritime radar surveillance to provide reliable range imagery, relays AIS information over-the-horizon to identify and track small targets, and uses AUTOCAT to communicate directives to potentially conflicting surface traffic. Satellite data link (Iridium) and accompanying portable, PC-based ground stations are used for additional range safety support.

Airtec also utilizes reliable technology for flight termination as well as rapid recovery of lost or compromised assets.

Some of our range safety past performance includes:
– Ongoing maintenance of test range safety for NAWCAD
– Maritime Radar Surveillance, Range Clearing & AUTOCAT for the Atlantic Test Range, Pt. Mugu and Fleet Forces Atlantic Exercise Coordination Center (FFAECC)