The current Airtec fleet includes seven fixed and rotary-wing aircraft all specially modified for a variety of maritime radar surveillance, airborne telemetry and range safety applications.  Airtec provides the necessary facility and personnel for aircraft management, maintenance and technology integration.  The fleet is operated and maintained out of California, MD at the St. Mary’s County Airport (2W6), approximately seven miles from NAVAIR. Aircrew and aircraft can generally be deployed within 48 hours.

For over twelve years the Airtec fleet has been the primary maritime radar surveillance aircraft for the Atlantic Test Range, Atlantic Fleet Exercise Coordination Center, the Pacific Missile Test Range, NAWCAD, NAWCWD, and NASA Wallops Island Facility.  Other recent projects include performing radar flight testing for Telephonics Corporation and the Counter Narco-Terrorism Technology Program Office; providing Standard Navy Target Control (SNTC) relay for BQM-74E target drones; conducting flight test in support of the Carrier Landing Systems Office for VX-23; and acting as Air Intercept Control (AIC) targets for Fleet Opposition Force exercises. Our mission readiness rate has been 97% over the previous five years.