King Air A100

Airtec’s King Air A100 is a twin-engine turboprop airplane capable of carrying a useful load of over 5000 lbs. This aircraft is equipped with dual IFR approach certified GPS moving maps, VOR and ILS navigation equipment as well as an Autopilot system. A satellite weather downlink is installed for weather avoidance. Communications include aviation VHF, UHF, Iridium SATCOM, and marine VHF-FM.

This A100 has been modified to carry either an AN/APS-143 surface surveillance radar system, or an 360 degree L/S band auto-tracking telemetry antenna within a belly mounted radome. The radome has verified low loss tranmissivity at the L, S, C and X bands and can be removed for flight in a slick or other approved configuration. The centrally located 12 inch square port (nadir) can accommodate other various equipment. A Litton LN100G enhanced GPS/INS is also available for mission equipment navigation and inertial inputs. In-flight Iridium SATCOM capability has been added with either voice or data streams of up to 2400 baud. The passenger-configured cabin has been removed and currently there is seating for a radar operator, and two project engineers/technicians in the cabin.  The aircraft has adequate room for a total of up to 3 standard 19 X 19 X 42 in. racks for project equipment.

The aircraft can fly up to 210 KTAS and has a service ceiling of 25,000 ft. MSL. Mission endurance is approximately 5.0 hours with IFR reserves.