King Air 200T

The King Air 200T is a twin-engine turboprop airplane.   This aircraft is equipped with dual IFR approach certified GPS moving maps, VOR, ILS, and ADF navigation equipment, as well as an autopilot/flight director system and a radar altimeter. On board weather radar and Satellite weather downlink are also installed. Communications include aviation VHF, UHF, HF, Iridium SATCOM, and marine VHF-FM.  The electrical system is powered by two 28 Volts DC engine driven starter-generators, making this aircraft  capable of providing up to 2.8 KVA for mission equipment. Airtec’s 200T can be configured for ARDS with associated “L” Band and L1/L2 GPS antennas. This aircraft has an approximate endurance of 6.5 hours with IFR reserves.

Standard mission equipment includes a belly mounted, 360 degree APS-143 B(v)3 surveillance radar, Automatic Identification System, and an Iridium Satellite data link system. Dual aft bubble observation windows are also installed. A Litton LN100G enhanced GPS/INS is available for mission equipment navigation and inertial inputs. A removable drop hatch and buoy launch tube is also available for in-flight deployment of equipment and sensors at speeds between 120-150 knots IAS.