Airborne Telemetry

Airborne Telemetry

Telemetry Services are a critical component of any RDT&E program. With limited and non-performing platforms creating a bottleneck of demand, many programs are forced to slide right due to an inability to provide essential airborne/over-the-horizon telemetry coverage.

AIRtec solves that problem with one of the most advanced telemetry platforms available at a fraction of the cost of US Government operating platforms.

AIRtec’s telemetry capability is unrivaled in the commercial space and serves as a critical capability that enables mission essential testing for US Forces and Government Agencies. Components that make this capability unique include:

  • The Right aircraft – 10+ hours of fuel
  • The Right Technology – Leading into next generation
  • The Right People – Experienced pilots and operators

AIRtec Telemetry capability includes:

  • Phased Array multi-beam tracking under test and/or hypersonic testing
  • Up-link ranges of 100nm to 200nm
  • Tracking field of view enabling up view to exospheric altitudes or down to surface
  • Real-time downlinks in L or C band
  • Flight Termination
  • Over the horizon Command and Control