Our Fleet

King Air B200C

AIRtec’s King Air 200C is a twin-engine turboprop airplane. The fully customizable interior and aircraft maneuverability makes it a uniquely versatile plane for any project.

King Air 200T

AIRtec’s King Air 200T is a twin-engine turboprop airplane. The tip tank model of King Air 200 offers the unique ability to extend the time spent on range or missions.

Falcon 10

AIRtec’s Falcon 10 is a traditional swept-wing subsonic turbo-fan jet aircraft. This aircraft is configured with dual-frequency GPS capability as well as UHF, L and C band telemetry downlink.

Gulfstream IV

AIRtec’s GIV is an all-weather completely customizable mission-ready aircraft. Its mission representative altitude, range, and airspeed make it the perfect go-to aircraft for many test platforms.

King Air A100

AIRtec’s King Air 100 is a twin-engine turboprop airplane. It has been uniquely modified to carry either surface radar systems or an auto-tracking telemetry antenna in the belly mounted radome.

Cessna 208 EX

AIRtec's Cessna 208EX can accommodate most sensors with its dual-belly port and 100 amps of mission power. It also has a dedicated mission GPS and workstation for operator(s).

Beechcraft Baron

AIRtec’s Beechcraft Baron is a twin-engine reciprocating airplane. Its exceptional speed and versatility make it cost-effective aircraft for many different range or surveillance missions.


AIRtec’s BT-67 is an all-weather, FAR Part 25 approved Douglas DC-3 with PT6A-67R turboprop engines, and 5-bladed Hartzell reversing propellers.