AIRtec Wins Positions on Multiple GSA ASTRO Pools

AIRtec Wins Positions on Multiple GSA ASTRO Pools

The General Services Administration has selected AIRtec for two awards on the ASTRO multiagency, multiple-award contract. This contract vehicle has a 10-year period of performance and no defined ceiling, but it is expected to have a multi-billion dollar ordering budget. ASTRO is designed to cover a comprehensive assortment of products and services focused on the development, integration, operation, maintenance and support of unmanned/manned systems.

ASTRO comprises 10 functional domain areas, which are referred to as “pools” with prime awards specific to each pool. GSA awarded AIRtec with a prime position in the Data Operations pool - which offers services along the data collection continuum, to include Contractor-Owned Contractor-Operated Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (COCO ISR) operations, aerial mapping, and other services within its well established core capabilities. AIRtec also secured a prime position in the Aviation pool - which offers maintenance, repair, and overhaul of manned aircraft and aircraft-related systems and platforms.

“The selection of AIRtec further enhances our foundational contract footprint and we are excited about the opportunities that ASTRO will offer to our DoD and Interagency partners,” said AIRtec CEO Tom Jarboe.

AIRtec is a commercial aviation company located at St. Mary’s Country Airport, MD that offers a wide range of aviation services to the US Government, to include COCO ISR, Range Surveillance, Airborne Telemetry, Maritime Patrol Awareness Operations and Training, and Aircraft Modification / Integration services.

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