Bill Moore Receives the Coveted FAA Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award

Bill Moore Receives the Coveted FAA Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award

Please join us in congratulating Bill Moore for receiving the coveted FAA Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award! This highly distinguished achievement recognizes an elite few who have 50 years of dedicated service in aviation safety!

The Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award is named in honor of Mr. Charles Taylor, the first aviation mechanic in powered flight who served as the Wright brothers' mechanic and is credited with designing and building the engine for their first successful aircraft. Representatives from the Washington D.C. Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) joined us to present the award to Bill at our monthly employee luncheon in the hangar at 2W6 (St. Mary’s County Airport).

Bill grew up near Curtiss-Wright Airfield in Fairfield, NJ and was inspired to pursue a career in aviation by watching the airshows there. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a helicopter mechanic and Aircrew Chief and has worked on almost every type of civil and military aircraft over the years. Among the many highlights of his career, one of the most notable was flying as part of President Ford’s press transport during a visit to Spain. He has been a certified FAA A&P Mechanic since 1983 and has continued to earn numerous other certifications to remain a highly trained professional which is critical to safety in aviation. He has undoubtedly seen a thing or two over the years but landing in a CH-46 as a Crew Chief when the tail fell off was one he will never forget!

Bill has worked with AIRTEC since 1992. When asked what he has enjoyed the most and what has been the most challenging, he had the same answer, “working with every known personality to man”. We are privileged to have such a distinguished, experienced, master-class aircraft professional as part of the AIRTEC team. His knowledge and steadfast commitment to aviation safety contributes to the superior safety standards that are paramount for each mission flown and is reflected in his advice for future generations, “the little stuff counts”.

Congratulations Bill! Reaching such a milestone is truly remarkable, your half century of dedication is an inspiration to us all and may your legacy continue to inspire future generations of aviation professionals!

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